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3 min readMar 22, 2021

If you are unable to open using your device’s web browser, we recommend that you follow some simple troubleshooting measures that will enable you to access without difficulty. When visiting, you may encounter common errors such as 404 Error, Security Alert, Page Not Loading, Having Different Search Options, Internet Not Linked, Private Network, Not a Security Problem, Login Error, and so on.Any home computer connected to your asus wireless route via wired or wireless can access, but we suggest using only a wired link to prevent disconnectivity issues. You can easily access the Asus router login page by following the troubleshooting steps one by one.You can monitor and manage your router settings, such as parental control and WiFi settings, from the Asus router login page.


1. Make sure your computer is wired to the Asus router’s wireless network at home.
2.To access the Asus router login page without interruption, use a wired connection only.
3. If your computer is linked via wireless, make sure it is within range.
4. Always keep your wired or wireless device’s web browser up to date.

To access, follow these simple troubleshooting steps.

1. If is unavailable, you can reach your router’s web page by entering the router’s IP address. For all Asus wireless routers, the default IP address is or

2. If you’re still having trouble accessing it through a web address or IP address, try using one of the many available modified internet browsers.

3.Please unplug your router from the power source for at least two minutes after turning it off by clicking the Power On/Off button on the router. After two minutes, plug it back in and switch it on using the power button; you’ll need to reconnect your computer and try accessing it from or once more.

4. This approach can only be used if you’re trying to access the Asus router’s web interface through a wired computer. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer’s Ethernet port that is directly connected to the Asus router, as well as the internet cable from the Asus router’s internet port that is directly connected to the ISP modem.After a few minutes, reconnect the cables in the correct order and try accessing the Asus router login page again.

5. If your Asus router login is still not working after you’ve tried anything else, including changing your internet browser, router power on/off, and using an IP address, your last choice is to reset your router, however you must do so carefully. Please use the reset router option as the last option for troubleshooting because if the reset process is performed incorrectly, it can cause harm to your router.To properly reset your router, find the tiny hole on the back panel of your router, click it, and keep it for 15 seconds with a paperclip. Release the reset button once all of the lights on your ASUS wireless router begin to blink; the rebooting phase normally takes two or three minutes, and you should not click any buttons on your ASUS wireless router during this period.

Please open a web browser once your router has been reset and you have regained internet access on your laptop. In certain cases, the web browser will automatically redirect you to the page; if this does not happen, type into the web address bar manually or enter into the web address bar.

I hope that these instructions will assist you in gaining access to the Asus router’s web interface.

You can change the admin and WiFi keys, set up new wireless network names, download firmware updates, change channel ports, display connected device information, block and access devices, and maintain parental control by going to

When attempting to reach, a popular problem arises:

1. Not getting the right Asus router login page.
2. Getting a security warning to the login page.
3. IP of Asus router not working.
4. Getting 404 errors on a web browser.
5. Unable to open
6. not responding.
7. is not working.




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