Linksys Velop Tri Band Setup | Linksys Velop Login

  • Once the node goes online, Visit the ‘Linksys Velop Setup’ and enter the SSID and password for your network.
  • Click on the Setup Node button to proceed.
  • Check the computer’s wifi connection first. When the settings made have been saved on the node, you may need to connect to the new wifi name of your Velop network to continue.
  • After clicking the setup node button,
  • Set the node’s device mode to Master
  • Also, set the administrator password to admin.
  • Fix the node’s name/location to Node 1
  • When the first step is finished, the node is recognized as the parent node. You are finished with the setup finally. If you want to add child nodes, place them near the parent node and wait until solid purple light flashes. Now, choose the ‘Add wireless Child Nodes’ button.
  • Once a solid blue light starts appearing on all the nodes, click the ‘Done adding child nodes’ button then click apply or ok. You can now choose another location for them.

For any other issues related to Linksys Velop login or, get in touch with us or chat with our experts.



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