Asus Lyra Voice Setup |

2 min readApr 5, 2021


Now, you know the features of this amazing device. So, when you buy it, you have to set it up. We are providing steps here for the Asus Lyra Setup of this device. Follow the steps given to set up this device. The setup can also be done using the web interface like any other Asus router through

  1. Open wifi settings on your phone and connect to lyra voice network. Make sure you are connected to the Asus lyra voice network, not any other. It is impossible to set up on a different network.
  2. Download the Asus router app on your phone. It is compatible with Android as well as iOS operating system. Go to the app or play store and search for the Asus router app.
  3. Click on I want to set up a new network.
  4. Click on lyra series router setup.
  5. Connect to the wifi network of lyra next.
  6. You can connect lyra voice after completely setting it up using the steps above.
  7. Create a lyra network with username and password. Next give a name to your wifi network and set up a password for the same.

If you are getting any of the problems given above then we can help you in resolving these. Even if you face any issue related to Asus router then we are here for your help. If is not working then you can use IP addresses. For further information on the IP address for your Asus router, get in touch with us. Till then enjoy surfing the internet using your Asus router network.




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