Arlo Firmware Update |

Create an Arlo sign in account and log into the Arlo setup page via Open the Device Settings and select your Arlo camera. Click the ‘Device Info ‘and then click on the ‘Firmware update’ option. Arlo firmware update starts automatically. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.

After you have connected the Arlo camera to the Arlo base station, you will need to update the Arlo firmware. When a new Arlo firmware is released, the app will tell you. Then, to update your Arlo camera, click on the message. When the firmware is being updated, the Arlo camera will now display an alternating blue and amber light.

The setup of your Arlo camera is now complete. Using a magnetic camera mount, you may place the Arlo camera wherever you want. If you need any assistance you can reach Arlo Login Arlo experts by dialing a toll-free number or via chat.



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